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Beyond the Boundaries of Great Taste, a Ton of Flavours in One Place! Check out the foodies joining us on tour!*

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*Vendors present vary between event venues

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Andiamo Italian

$4 Food Items:
Ravioli on a Mini Stick.
1 Meatball Slider.
Their Festival Menu Includes:
🍔 Chicken Parm.
🍔 Veal Parm.
🍔 Meatball Parm.
🍝 Classic Pasta.
🍝 Pasta with Meatballs.
🥗 Italian Pasta Salad.
🥗 Chicken Ceasar Salad.
🍕 Pizza Bites.
🍟 Italian Poutine.
🍟 Chicken Parm Fries.
Andiamo Italian offers mouth watering Italian food with a modern twist! Using fresh quality ingredients we bring you Chicken and Veal Parmigiana, Fresh Pasta, Stuffed Ravioli-on-a-Stick and Italian sodas. Enjoy your classic food served up by the brick wrapped food truck!

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Andrzejewski Perogies

$4 Food Item:
🥟1 Handmade Jumbo Perogie with Sour Cream and Chives.
Full Festival Menu:
🥟Mix or Match handmade jumbo perogies with sour cream or bbq sauce.
🥟POTATO – bacon, cheese & onions.
🥟PHILLY CHEESE STEAK – steak, cheese, bell peppers, mushrooms and onions.
🥟PULLED PORK – pork with bbq sauce.
🥟BUFFALO CHICKEN – chicken, Frank’s RedHot and blue cheese.
We make simply the best handmade jumbo perogies.
These Jumbo delights come in unconventional specialty fillings such as Taco, Philly Cheese Steak, Pulled Pork, Sausage, Reuben, Pizza, Breakfast and Apple Pie. Traditional fillings are Potato and Sauerkraut.
There’s nothing like ours on the market today. We use great ingredients. We make sure each perogi has a lot of filling. We just added a new filling – Buffalo Chicken.
John’s grandma taught us over 25 years ago and she always made her perogies large, so we decided to keep the tradition and make them jumbo. We just celebrated our 5th year anniversary and we are dedicated in keeping the family tradition going strong.
You can find us at farmer’s markets and food shows throughout the GTA.

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$4 Food Items: 🧀Mac and Cheese Balls.
Their Festival Menu Includes:
🍔 Auckland Nutrition Burger.
🍔 Reuben Veggie Burger.
🍔 Street Wheels Burger.
🍤 Monsieur Le Goff.
🍗 Auckland Fried Chicken on a Bun.
🌮 Buttermilk Fried Chicken Tacos.
🌮 Truck Fish Tacos.
🧀 Mac and Cheese.
🌯Buffalo Chicken Wrap.
🥞Waffles + Buttermilk Fried Chicken.
🍟 Peri-Peri Fries.
🍟 Quebec Poutine.
🍟 Classic Poutine.
🍰 Cheese Cake.
(All burgers come with a side of either fries or salad).
The Born2eat team members are dedicated to bringing the best comfort food to Ontario. We are going strong, serving up healthy and tasty burgers, tacos and mac n’ cheese balls throughout the GTA and surrounding neighborhoods. We may be a fast food truck but we are definitely not a junk food truck. We provide healthy food, comforting the soul, made in a hygienic environment. Our chef Ruben? He’s well trained and experienced with a strong passion for food. Before starting his own food truck, Born2eat, he always had a dream of providing not only traditional food but new trending food amongst the food truck industry!

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Chef Al

$4 Food Items:
🧀 Homemade Macaroni & Smoked Cheese.
🍟 Hand Cut Fries.
Their Festival Menu Includes:
🍔 Chef Als Burger.
🥮 Chef Als Bridle.
🥗 Poached Pear & Goat Cheese Salad.
🐟 Beer Battered Fish.
🍗 Chicken Fingers.
🍟 Butter Chicken Poutine.
🍟 Whisky Gravy Poutine.
🍟 Haggis Poutine.
🍔 Mango Grilled Chicken Sandwich.
🍔 Veggie Burger.
🧀 Haggis Macaroni & Smoked Cheese.
(All sandwiches & fish come with a side of either their hand cut fries, sweet fries or salad).
Chef Al food truck serves upscale Scottish & Irish pub fare curbside. Chef and owner, Allan Douglas, is a red seal chef bringing his over 30 years of experience to the food truck scene starting in 2018. Passion goes into each dish using quality ingredients and taking the time to make everything homemade. The top-selling fish is hand breaded, the delicate scotch eggs are carefully constructed, and every last french fry is hand cut.

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$4 Food Items:
🥗Veggie Jumbo Hotdog.
🌭Chicken Jumbo Hotdog.
🌭Beef Jumbo Hotdog.
Their Festival Menu Includes:
🌭Curbsidedogs Combo.
🌭Foot Long Dog.
🥪Peameal Bacon Sandwich.
🌮 3x Greek Tacos.
🌮 3x Jerk Tacos.
🌮 3x Beef Tacos.
🍗 Masala Sausage.
🌱Vegansaures (vegan dog).
🍗Greek Sausage.
🍗Country Smoked Sausage.
🍟 Fries.
🍟Chicken Gyro Poutine.
🍟Cheesy Poutine.
🍟Great Canadian Poutine.
🌱Vegan Poutine.
🌭Jumbo Hot Dog.
🍗Sausage No Toppings.
Curbside Dogs has been serving up BBQ since 2014 and we have over 30 years experience in catering. We are a family oriented company. We’re serving $4 eats everywhere and anywhere.. “come and try our street meat”.

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Dang Good BBQ

$4 Food Sample: 1 Wing & 1 Rib.
Their Festival Menu Includes:
🍔 Pulled Ribs Sandwich.
🍔 Smoked Brisket Sandwich.
🍖 Smoked Ribs.
🍗 Smoked Wings.
Dang Good BBQ does BBQ right. With a smoker on the truck, food is served as it comes out.
Cooked slow, served fast, nothing more delicious. Come try the famous tender juicy smoked brisket sandwich or the flavourful smoked ribs. It’s a bite of delicious.

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ED’s Bloomiin Onion

$4 Food Item:
Onion Rings.
Their Festival Menu Includes:
🔆 Ed’s Famous Blooming Onion.
Ed’s Famous Blooming Onions is a Fair and Festival Favourite! Known For Their Delicious Onions, Ed’s Onions are High Quality, High Taste and Known Around Ontario! So Come Out and Try Some World Famous Food Items From Ed’s Truck at Forks and Barrels!

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Eva’s Original Chimneys Cones

$4 Food Sample: 🍦Mini OG.
Their Festival Menu Includes:
🍦 The OG.
🍦 Apple Crumble.
🍦 Chocolate Caramel S’mores.
🍦 Berrylicious.
Eva’s Original Chimneys Cones® are freshly baked and served with premium soft serve and house made toppings.

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Forno 450 Pizza

🍕 Stay Tuned For Their Festival Menu and $4 Food Samples.
At Forno 450 Pizza, we adhere to centuries-old traditions to bring you one of the most authentic, wood oven cooked pizzas to be served from a mobile pizzeria. We start with a custom wood burning oven, hand-built by a manufacturer in Naples with over 100 years of experience in the craft, and heat it to the perfect 450C. We then create your personal pizza using flour, olive oil, and tomatoes all imported directly from central and southern Italy. Along with the passion that comes from a classically trained chef who believes in using only the best ingredients, our mobile pizzeria delivers true Italian taste wherever it travels.

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Los Vietnamita

$4 Food Sample: Popcorn Fish Bites.
Their delicious menu of Bành Mì Tacos & Sides include:
🌮 Crispy Fish. (Winner of Best Dish at Taco Fest 2017)
🌮 Classic Lemongrass Chicken.
🌮 Mango Chili Shrimp.
🌮 Pork Belly Al Pastor.
🌮 Saigon Fried Chicken.
🍟 Mexicano Spuds.
Los Vietnamita specializes in marrying Vietnamese and Mexican flavors together by unifying only the finest and freshest ingredients into their fusion flare. Los Vietnamita are committed to tantalizing those taste buds by creating the best of both worlds on palates! The main specialty would be their Bành Mì Tacos – with mouthwatering ingredients loaded onto signature pastry taco shells that will melt in your mouth. In order to believe it – you need to try them all for yourself.

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Meltdown Cheesey

$4 Food Items:
To Be Announced!
Their Festival Menu Includes:
🥪BBQ Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese.
🥪New Yorker Grilled Cheese.
🥪Caprese Grilled Cheese.(vegetarian)
🥪Big Daddy.
🥪Bacon & Mac’n’Cheese in a Grilled Cheese.
🥪🥪2 Little Piggies Combo.
🥪O.G. Combo.
🥪O.G. Mac’N’Cheese.
🥪Bacon Mac’N’Cheese.
🥪Jalapeño Mac’N’Cheese.
Whats the greatest thing since sliced bread? A Grilled Cheese Sammy! Meltdown Cheesery is Toronto’s Favourite Comfort Food Truck! Serving up Delicious, Cheesy, Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and oeey gooey Mac n Cheese with flavours that will leave you wanting more! Feel free to SAY CHEESE!

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$4 Food Items:
🍦Vanilla Cone.
🍦Chocolate Cone.
🍦Twisted Cone.
Full Festival Menu Includes:
🍨Sundaes (Oreo, M&M, Chocolate, Chocolate, Strawberries, Carmel, Cheesecake, Red Velvet
🍌Banana Boats (Banana 3 Scoops of Soft Serve and 3 Choice of our Sundae Toppings).
🍦Cartwheel Ice Cream Sandwich.
🌱Vegan Coconut Ice Cream Sandwich.
🍦Waffel Cone/Sugar Cone.
🍨Parfait (Oreo or any choice of Sundae).
🍧Ice Burg.
Toronto Softee ice cream is a family oriented company and still today after 35 years serving OG Swirls and twist dipped cones.. Delicious Banana Boats and our award 🥇 winning Milkshakes.. Our newest edition would be our VEGAN ICE CREAM ON A STICK.. Iconic classic ice cream truck. A FABRIC to Canadian life.

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Tacos Vs Ice Cream

$4 Food Item: 🌮 Chorizo Taco.
Their Festival Menu Includes:
🍦 S’mores Ice Cream Taco.
🍦 Key Lime Pie Ice Cream Taco.
🌮 Fish and Chips Taco.
Two young guns slinging tacos, and ice cream LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER HAD BEFORE.

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Tdot Naansense

$4 Food Item: 🌮 Chorizo Taco.
Their Festival Menu Includes:
🍦 S’mores Ice Cream Taco.
🍦 Key Lime Pie Ice Cream Taco.
🌮 Fish and Chips Taco.
Two young guns slinging tacos, and ice cream LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER HAD BEFORE.

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$4 Food Item:⁣⁣
🌮 Dipp’d Donut Holes and Dipp’d Oreos⁣⁣
Dipp’d takes your favourite treat and turns them into your chocolatey dreams. We’re just two sisters trying to sweeten up the world one dip at a time. We’re excited to bring our most popular item to @forksandbarrels, dipped cheesecakes.

Flor de Izote

Flor de Izote

$4 Menu Items Include:
🍦 Pupusas: Bean and Cheese
🍦 Pork and Cheese
🌮 Chicken and Cheese
🍦 Spinach and Cheese⁣
🍦 Tamales de Pollo (chicken tamales)
🌮 Tamales de Elote (corn tamales)⁣
🍦 Platanos Fritos
🍦 Horchata SalvadoreñaFlor de Izote is a Latin American inspired kitchen that specializes in Salvadoran cuisine. Our family owned business operates out of the farmers market in downtown Kitchener. We serve a wide range of dishes including empanadas, pupusas,fried plantains and tamales. Our menu includes both vegan and vegetarian options as well as gluten free products. Our ingredients also include corn flour based products, fresh avocados, tomatoes, limes and cilantro. We also use a latin american blend of spices in our BBQ and carne asada.

Get Your Own Taters

Get Your Own Taters

$𝟒 𝐅𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐈𝐭𝐞𝐦𝐬:⁣
🌮 TOT-Yo⁣
🌮 Ital-TOT⁣.
Canadas glowing tradition in spud-centric innovation has new torchbearers in the folks at Get Your Own Taters (GYOT)! Theyre tater tots up the sophistication but retain every bit of fun of the childhood favourite! These guys fry up their tater tots to a perfect crisp and offer unique combinations, loading them up with fresh toppings. Their Seoul-ful Taters, topped with marinated Korean BBQ pork bulgogi, kimchi, and dynamite sauce is incredible. Vegetarian? The Not-so-Traditional Toutine adds deep fried Sweet Buffalo N.Y. Butter cauliflower bites to classic cheese curds and is smothered in their signature gravy. Poutines spot as king of Canadas comfort food has a serious challenger in GYOTs tater tots ; one bite will have your taste buds questioning their loyalty!

Kono Pizza

Kono Pizza

Food Menu Includes:⁣⁣
🌮 Pepperoni
🌮 Hawaiian
🌮 Meatlover
🌮 Canadian
🌮 Cheese
🌮 Veggie
🌮 Custom Kone
🌮 Krazy Fries
🌮 Wings⁣

Spring Loaded

Spring Loaded

$4 Food Items:
🍦 Mini Mac n Cheese Spring Rolls
🍦 Mini Butter Chicken Spring Rolls
🌮 Mini Jerk Chicken Spring Rolls ⁣⁣
🍦 Mini Philly Cheesesteak Spring Rolls ⁣⁣
Other Menu Items Include:⁣⁣
🍦 Fries
🌮 Poutine
Spring Loaded is a family owned food truck that specializes in gourmet spring rolls inspired by flavours from different cuisines. Our ingredients our local and all fillings and sauces are handmade. Our menu is always changing with different spring rolls. We do savoury and sweet spring rolls.

The Food Dudes

The Food Dudes

$𝟒 𝐅𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐈𝐭𝐞𝐦𝐬:⁣
🌮 Nutella Bombs – Hazelnut Fudge, Banana Bread, Cornflake Crumbs, Bourbon Caramel Sauce, Vanilla Whipped Cream⁣
The past decade has seen a revolution of food trucks in Toronto, and The Food Dudes have become industry leaders. After the arrival of our first food truck Toronto wanted more, so we added a second truck to meet the demand and we haven’t looked back since. As veterans of the Toronto food truck industry, we work hard to remain ahead of the curb. When it comes to food quality and menu creativity, we work tirelessly to separate ourselves from the pack. We subject our food truck protocol to the same rigorous standards employed in our handling of traditional wedding catering. The vibe may be laid back, but our commitment is anything but.