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Beyond the Boundaries of Great Taste, a Ton of Flavours in One Place! Check Out the Foodies Joining Us On Tour.

More Vendors To Be Announced..

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Ed’s Bloomin Onion

$4 Food Item:
Onion Rings.
Their Festival Menu Includes:
🔆 Ed’s Famous Blooming Onion.
Ed’s Famous Blooming Onions is a Fair and Festival Favourite! Known For Their Delicious Onions, Ed’s Onions are High Quality, High Taste and Known Around Ontario! So Come Out and Try Some World Famous Food Items From Ed’s Truck at Forks and Barrels!

Curbside Dogs

Curbside Dogs

$4 Food Items:
🥗Veggie Jumbo Hotdog.
🌭Chicken Jumbo Hotdog.
🌭Beef Jumbo Hotdog.
Their Festival Menu Includes:
🌭Curbsidedogs Combo.
🌭Foot Long Dog.
🥪Peameal Bacon Sandwich.
🌮 3x Greek Tacos.
🌮 3x Jerk Tacos.
🌮 3x Beef Tacos.
🍗 Masala Sausage.
🌱Vegansaures (vegan dog).
🍗Greek Sausage.
🍗Country Smoked Sausage.
🍟 Fries.
🍟Chicken Gyro Poutine.
🍟Cheesy Poutine.
🍟Great Canadian Poutine.
🌱Vegan Poutine.
🌭Jumbo Hot Dog.
🍗Sausage No Toppings.
Curbside Dogs has been serving up BBQ since 2014 and we have over 30 years experience in catering. We are a family oriented company. We’re serving $4 eats everywhere and anywhere.. “come and try our street meat”.


Quesada Burritos & Tacos

Quesada is all about complex, intriguing, Mexican-inspired flavours – a true “foodie” experience. We regularly try new taste combinations in our test kitchens and bring you new recipes – along with your classic favourites.
Their Festival Menu Includes:
🔆 Taco’s
🔆 Barbacoa (beef) Taco
🔆 Grilled Chicken Taco
🔆 Spicy Chicken Taco
🔆 Beyond Meat (Vegan) Taco
🔆Nacho Chips with salsa and Guac 
🔆Freshly made Agua Fresca

Flor de Izote

Flor de Izote

$4 Menu Items Include:
🍦 Pupusas: Bean and Cheese
🍦 Pork and Cheese
🌮 Chicken and Cheese
🍦 Spinach and Cheese⁣
🍦 Tamales de Pollo (chicken tamales)
🌮 Tamales de Elote (corn tamales)⁣
🍦 Platanos Fritos
🍦 Horchata SalvadoreñaFlor de Izote is a Latin American inspired kitchen that specializes in Salvadoran cuisine. Our family owned business operates out of the farmers market in downtown Kitchener. We serve a wide range of dishes including empanadas, pupusas,fried plantains and tamales. Our menu includes both vegan and vegetarian options as well as gluten free products. Our ingredients also include corn flour based products, fresh avocados, tomatoes, limes and cilantro. We also use a latin american blend of spices in our BBQ and carne asada.

Get Your Own Taters

Get Your Own Taters

$𝟒 𝐅𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐈𝐭𝐞𝐦𝐬:⁣
🌮 TOT-Yo⁣
🌮 Ital-TOT⁣.
Canadas glowing tradition in spud-centric innovation has new torchbearers in the folks at Get Your Own Taters (GYOT)! Theyre tater tots up the sophistication but retain every bit of fun of the childhood favourite! These guys fry up their tater tots to a perfect crisp and offer unique combinations, loading them up with fresh toppings. Their Seoul-ful Taters, topped with marinated Korean BBQ pork bulgogi, kimchi, and dynamite sauce is incredible. Vegetarian? The Not-so-Traditional Toutine adds deep fried Sweet Buffalo N.Y. Butter cauliflower bites to classic cheese curds and is smothered in their signature gravy. Poutines spot as king of Canadas comfort food has a serious challenger in GYOTs tater tots ; one bite will have your taste buds questioning their loyalty!

Tacos Ice Cream

Tacos Vs Ice Cream

$4 Food Item: 🌮 Chorizo Taco.
Their Festival Menu Includes:
🍦 S’mores Ice Cream Taco.
🍦 Key Lime Pie Ice Cream Taco.
🌮 Fish and Chips Taco.
Two young guns slinging tacos, and ice cream LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER HAD BEFORE.

Sali's Menu

Sali’s Menu

Full Festival Menu:
🥟sweet potato fries
🥟fresh cut fries
🥟hot dogs

Sali serves up delicious & fresh comfort food! EUROPEAN STYLE GRILL:

Find Sali’s in Foodie Central at Forks and Barrels, Windsor (August 23-25).

The Grand Cantina

The Grand Cantina

$4 Menu Items Include:
🍦 Tacos
🍦 Barbaloa (Beef)
🌮 Carnitas (Pork)
🍦 Vegan Chorizo
$3 Menu Items Include:
🍦 Jarritos Mexican Sodas (variety of flavours)

Central American and South Asian street food meets a Mezcal Tequila bar! Just so were on the same page, we are not a Mexican restaurant – just a cool spot that serves some Mexican food, and some Asian, maybe a little American classic also. I mean really, who has a burger on a taco menu? We’re weird like that. Bringing people together over good food, loud music, and some roasted agave spirits, since 2018.

Archie's Uni-Corn

Archie’s Uni-Corn

Archie’s Uni-Corn provides freshly made, GMO-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan-friendly steamed corn in the cup, made with butter and salt, that you can enhance using some toppings, so everyone can enjoy their favourite corn taste, but without getting messy from eating it on the cob.