Spirit Street

Raising the Bar in the Art of Distilling; Find Ontario’s Best Distillers on Spirit Street including*:

Georgian Bay Spirit Co, Blackfly Beverage Company Inc, Junction 56 Distillery, Wolfhead Distillery Inc, Mojitos Lounge, Socialite Vodka, Gourmande, Founder’s Original, Pepprell Distilling Co, Nickel 9 Distillery, Nutrl Vodka Soda, and an international spirit house.

*Vendors present vary between event venues

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Black Fly

Their $2 Drink Samples Include:
🍸Grapefruit Gin Soda Fizz.
🍸Lemon Lime Vodka Sosa Fizz.
(More to be announced).
Black Fly Beverage Company develops and produces MORE NATURAL & LESS SWEET spirit beverages using quality ingredients and unique packaging.
Real juices. Real cane sugar (not high fructose corn syrup). Real Canadian vodka. Real Mexican tequila. Real quality. Real taste. All Black Fly beverages are lightly sweetened with real cane sugar & are Gluten Free.
Black Fly is a family owned and operated company focused on innovation, ethical and green business practices, and is dedicated to excellence in all areas of quality assurance from packaging production to outstanding delicious drinks.

Founders Original Cocktails

Bar Quality Cocktails Made From Real Ingredients, Find @foundersoriginal On Spirit Street at Forks and Barrels!
$2 Drink Samples Include:
🥃Barrel-Aged Old Fashioned.
🥃Saville Orange Bourbon Sour.
🍹Grapefruit Tequila Paloma.
🥃Rye & Thai Ginger Ale.
Producers of bar quality, ready to drink cocktails, made from real ingredients with no preservatives. Find us at this year’s Forks and Barrels tour!.

Georgian Bay

$2 Drink Samples:
$2 Drink Samples Include:
🍸Gin Smash.
🍸Vodka Smash.
🍸Cranberry Gin Smash.
🍸Smashed Tea.
Producer of the World’s Best Vodka and Double Gold Medal Gin, and creator of Gin Smash, Cranberry Gin Smash, Vodka Smash and Smashed Tea. Inspired by Georgian Bay through our local and craft roots. The launch of Georgian Bay Gin Smash was the beginning of a wild ride. That first summer, fans across Ontario started reaching out, wondering where they could get their hands on more. Since then our Smash portfolio has grown to 4 unique flavours that embody a not too sweet, all natural and premium tasting beverage. Now in 5 different provinces across Canada.

Junction 56 Distillery

$2 Drink Samples Include:
🍸Black Raspberry Gin Fizz.
🍸Gin 56.
🍸Vodka Cranberry Fizz.
🍸Mint Smoothie Liqueur.
Established in Stratford, Ontario in 2015, Junction 56 Distillery uses only 100% Ontario grown grains to produce small batch, high quality spirits including moonshine, whisky, vodka, and gin. The corn and wheat used for their spirits come from owner Mike Heisz’s cousin’s farm an hour north of the distillery. All grain is milled on site to ensure quality, and modern batch distillation techniques result in award-winning handcrafted products.
Junction 56 Distillery’s primary goal is to remain locally focused and all natural, sourcing additional ingredients from nearby businesses to use in their handcrafted liqueurs. Junction 56 products have zero artificial colours or flavours. What you see is what you get.


$2 Drink Samples Include:
🍸Lime Ginger Vodka Soda.
🍸Lemon Cucumber Mint Vodka Soda.
🍸Pineapple Mango Vodka Soda.
🍸Grapefruit Pomelo Vodka Soda.
🍸Field Strawberry Vodka Soda.
🍸Peach Spiked Iced Tea.
SoCIAL LITE Vodka is a small Canadian company that was founded in the kitchen of 3 friends who wanted a “better for you” option when it came to alcohol consumption. From the very first cocktail crafted in the kitchen, SoCIAL LITE’s promise has never wavered: their Vodka Sodas and Spiked Iced teas are for everyone who loves a delicious drink without artificial ingredients, sugar or added calories.

Wolfhead Distillery

$2 Drink Samples Include:
🍸Wolfhead Premium Vodka.
🍸Wolfhead Grapefruit Vodka.
🍸Wolfhead Banana Caramel Vodka.
🥃Wolfhead Premium Whisky.
🥃Wolfhead Apple Caramel Whisky.
🥃Wolfhead Coffee Whisky Liqueur.
A craftsman’s operation, Wolfhead Distillery incorporates the resources found in its own backyard in producing unique flavours that push the boundaries of standard Canadian Spirits.

Pepprell Distilling

Pepprell Distilling

$2 Samples Include:
🍸Gintomic Bomb
🍸Ginberry Lemonade
🍸NamastiniAfter a decade of hard work and creative development @Pepprelldistilling Co. was born in October of 2018. Opening up shop in Moorefield Ontario, their company mission was to create a spirit that stood out from the crowd and delivered an outstanding experience for their customers. In crafting, their flagship spirit, Pepprell Gin, founder and CEO, Josh Cormeir, took his inspiration from William Horarth’s classic image of Gine Lane – create a gin that was so delicious it would case society to crumble at its very foundation. Pepprell’s distinctively smooth gin is infused with essential botanicals: juniper berries, lemon, cardamom, coriander, cinnamon and a little bla ck pepper for that extra pep. Enjoy with caution!



$2 Drink Samples Include:
🍸Singers Caesar Mix
🍸Sunshine Farms Pickles
🍸Dixon’s Distilled Spirits⁣⁣It starts with spirits fermented from Ontario-grown corn, then distilled 18 times (compared to the industry average of three to five times). Carbon filtering for 30 hours removes the harsher tones but leaves a hint of the corn’s sweetness behind. And let’s not forget Guelph’s famously pure, clean water. The result: crystal-clear, smooth-as-silk spirits that we use to make all of our premium gin, vodka and whisky products.